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Lucky Number 160


Whilst I am beginning to think that this is a common issue, especially in England, people often look for kitchen/closet/bedroom sofas that are around 160cm. 

Look no further, here at Camerich, we offer a wide variety of ranges that work perfectly with this number. 

To anyone who lives in London and feels the pain of not getting their money’s worth-we believe that even the most compact spaces deserve luxury and comfort. What better way to start than with arguably the foundation of any living space…a great, small sofa.

Let's start with the Crescent range and the array of customisations that it offers. This sofa, which also comes as a sofa bed, has been by far our best seller when it comes to 160cm restricted sofas. With the length of 168cm and its elegant narrow armrests of approximately 11cm, it has been very popular. As mentioned before, it is great for studies or spare rooms as you can add the sofa bed mechanism for just £295, which includes a luxury mattress! It also comes in two depths of 93cm and 103cm. You cannot go wrong with this one.


Continuing with Amor, this whole range is great if you are looking to transform a compact space. Amor two seat sofa (below) is one of the smallest, with length of 160cm across and depth of 88cm, it is also the narrowest in seat depth. As well as that, because of its many modules, our customers often buy a sofa section with one armrest, or even none, which still makes a fully functional sofa. As you can see in the picture to the right, a chaise ottoman (168 x 88cm) still looks the part and works perfectly well as a standalone piece. 




Even though the Notting range has only been introduced in January 2019, the word of its capacity for small spaces got around and this sofa has been in high demand ever since. With slim arms and back, seating is maximised without comprising on space. Furthermore, poised upon slim legs, this sofa oozes modern elegance. Offering sections as small as 150cm (armless) this sofa has the perfect balance between practicality and comfort. This range offer a small two-seater (shown in picture below), just as Crescent, with the length of 166cm. 



For 160cm lovers and under, our brand-new range Embrace, offers an extended loveseat. Complementary for pairing up with your existing sofas or keeping it as a slightly larger lounge chair. The Embrace Range offers a contemporary occasional chair as well as an interesting love

seat/ small sofa option measuring just 150cm in width, perfect for use in a bedroom, small

lounge, waiting area etc. It is constructed from a birch frame for strength and durability. The seat cushion of the Embrace is fully foam. The legs are constructed from steel in a black metallic finish.

Written By Margaret Wajnkaim