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Mix And Match


Gone are the days of a 3-piece suite of the same matching sofa, armchair and footstool all in the same fabric. Having a uniform colour across your whole room will actually dampen the space and make it look smaller. By having a lot of the same thing the eye is tricked into thinking that it is larger than it actually is. Breaking things up and having more contrast going on within the room is going to open up the space and make it look bigger. 

The first rule for creating a mix and match theme is to do everything in moderation. Avoid choosing too many contrasting finishes and colours which may create a clash. The idea is to create a contrast which still works cohesively within the space. Work around a theme to create an overall effect and try to stick to a smaller colour pallet.

Having a mix and match approach allows for versatility and visual interest in a space and puts much more expression and personality at the forefront. 

This idea allows you to choose more than one finish, so get creative and create your own combination. Start with a small amount of pattern, a couple of different textures and some brighter more daring colours here and there. Accessorize these around a neutral base to create a versatile and exciting look.

The perfect way to try this is by adding a statement lounge chair in a bold colour to completement a natural background, opt for this in a leather finish to add another dimension to your mix. Introduce some more exciting textures but stick to smaller surface areas such as velvet scatter cushions, or even a hide footstool. This will keep the space from becoming too busy and looking cluttered.

You can then finish off the look with some pattern, this could be in the form of a geometric rug, floral artwork or even as subtle as a marble coffee table which will add interest.


A nice way to keep a thread of consistency running and keep the room looking well thought out is to pay attention to the smaller details such as the hardware of the room. If you make sure that the metal finishes on your furniture all match this will make the contrasting coloured upholstery look all the more effective and keep the room refined. 


Written By Imogen Abbot