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For a bit more detail, you can always incorporate patterns and textures to add a modern twist to the classic style. Patterned cushions and textured rugs can liven up the space and make it look more inviting.

If you want a softer look, you can always incorporate some greys into the room, creating a gradient and combining the colours together.

You can even have one part of the room with pattern/texture, i.e. a statement wall or floor. Checkerboard floors are a timeless classic and will instantly add sophistication and elegance to any room.

The classic combination of Black and White is a timeless trend that is always in style. Particularly for 2018 as it’s trending again for this year!

Similarly, you can add more accessories to the space to make it less stark from the contrasting black and white colours in the room. Wall art and plants can also make the room become more welcoming and adds a pop of colour to room.

There are many ways to pair black and white together in interiors to make a place inviting and sophisticated. The contrast of the two always brings attention to any room, making for a striking interior.

At Camerich, we have a wide range of black and white fabrics & leathers which you can choose from to upholster any of our sofas, chairs and beds. (Shown on the left is our Balance csofa in white leather, accessorized with stunning cow hide).