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Go Monochrome


Monochrome is a classic combination, but in recent years we’ve seen trends favouring a commitment to either/or rather than bringing the two classics together. This trend is also an ideal way to seamlessly blend old and new interiors.

Using only black, white and grey, or using solidly one colour in your home is technically ‘boring’ but is a colour combination that isn’t dictated to by changing seasons, it has a timeless, elegant appeal. 

Even within this simple palette, there are many styles to play with and different ways to execute those styles. Will it be more dominant in black or white, or how about a traditional stripe? Just how bold will you go with your choice? Black and white is an ideal combination when experimenting with pattern for the first time. The good news is, it is quite hard to go wrong with black and white, even if you end up merging styles. 

Written by Noor B. Khan 







Working with black and white creates spaces that are effortlessly clean and bright. Adding greys and clear glass to the room accentuates its feeling of calm minimalism. If you are simply looking to add spatial richness to your living space, a restrained palette of black, white, and grey for the renovation of your home/holiday home will be perfect as it will also not distract from the view.

TIP: To spice up the room without adding more noise to the area with colour, complete your look with structured ceramics/ marble in neutral tones or if you want to be more daring, add a large abstract wall art. 

Our Grey Oak and Black Walnut finishes emanate perfectly formed sophistication and have an enduring appeal, perfect for this style guide.

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