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Moody Interiors


Now that the cold season is in full swing, most of us just want to cosy up at home and avoid the dark cold evenings. Whilst the following below advice may seem contrary to instinct, it may be just the trick to create a warm escape this winter.

Monochrome interiors combined with pastel accessories have ruled for most part of the decade, but recently the interiors world has taken a more bold, and daringapproach to creating stylish schemes.

The use of dark, rich chalk based paints (such as Farrow & Ball) can help to create the base for the moody, yet warm interior. Most schemes opt for focussing on dark walls, whilst others include flooring and ceiling too. Whichever you choose,  we recommend covering the entire surface in this finish, including skirting boards, picture and dado rails as this will create a simple backdrop for other furniture.

They key to pulling off this look is lighting – whether it be natural light, or artificial, it is extremely important to make sure the rich tones you’ve opted for are in the spotlight.

We are also strong advocates for the use of jewel bright furniture against the dark backdrops, for a dramatic, yet cosy and colourful look. Our new selection of fabrics are perfect for just the right pop of colour, whether it be on one of our sofas or for scatter cushions.

Add touches of brass or nickel accessories to add to the mood. Our Amor sofa with powder coated legs, and our new Honey chair with a nickel frame would be the perfect companions to this scheme.

The first two schemes  are mostly monochrome, but the use of natural wood finishes (our Brown Walnut and Light Oak finished would work well here) and green plants break up the look and add warmth in natural daylight. Industrial lighting will create a warm glow in the evening.

If you aren’t quite ready to go bold with dark walls, or you live in a small home then opt for medium tones on the walls, whilst keeping the interior moody through the use of dark furniture – our Grey Oak finish is perfect for this for wooden pieces. We have introduced several new dark fabrics with brightly coloured threads running through them, which are perfect if you want to match colourful accessories to your upholstered furniture.

Written By Milda Narmontaite