Movie Night With Camerich



The centre of family time within the 21st Century home appeared to consist of hurdling around the kitchen table over a tea or coffee. However there has gradually been a movement of space making way for a more comfortable and snug setting within the TV room, where gathering around and indulging in an addictive TV series or a movie seems to be a thing of now.

Modular sofa ranges tend to be the most popular choice for a TV room, take a look below and see how you can create some interesting media room set ups with the help of our Camerich ranges. The most popular options tend to be the Freetown and Era sofa ranges. 




More and more homes are seeing the likes of 60 inch flat screen TVs and sumptuous bowls of popcorn, not to mention the main feature; the oversized sofa, so comfortable you find yourself waking up in the morning on it. Whether this entertainment space is in the form of a kitted-out noise insulated sound system room for those with the space, or a living room with a large TV and squashy sofa. These spaces both hold the same values, to evoke family time and comfort within the walls. The first step to creating this notion is finding the right sofa.