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Natural Elements


Moving away from the tech-dominated décor we saw leading the 2018 design trends, 2019 offers re-emerging, natural materials such as copper, stone, concrete and granite. These foundations create a fresh and serene ambience to your earthy abode. 


House plants have become increasingly popular, not only are they becoming a major trend, they also come with many health benefits. The easiest way to incorporate nature in your living space is to purchase houseplants. Greenery makes a great accent piece for any type of room.

Coffee Table Décor

As a prominent accessory in a home, coffee tables are often overlooked as spaces to show your individual style. Save enough room for your remote and a hot beverage, but don’t be afraid to include a couple of table-top accessories, as this is an essential place in the home to combine natural elements.


Wooden Furniture

For a textured, yet contemporary space, wooden fixtures are essential for creating effective neutral design trends. Adding feel and comfort, reclaimed timber is particularly satisfying in the living room, bathroom and kitchen.  

 Green Marble

Green marble is one of our favourite materials to design with, here at camerich, adding a sleek style and appeal to any space. When used on mass this gives instant impact. From kitchen to bathroom counters and coffee tables, the diverse material is shifting to a favourite in the world of design.  



Written By Alaa Sonosi