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Nature Framed


In our 21st century world it seems we are all beginning to respect nature and the earth a little bit more. We are all much more economically aware and many of us feel it’s our duty to live a greener, sustainable life style.


Along with this, higher numbers of people are building their own homes and building them more sustainably. They are doing this to protect the environment. With this love of nature comes a need for us to see more of it, to incorporate it into our homes and it’s this that we at Camerich love.


Known as 'Tree in the House', the above conceptual dwelling from Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, is quite obviously a tube-like building built around one of the forests trees. The Glass structure is inclusive of one of the Firs but is set among a whole forest of them, creating a living environment which invites the outside in.


This Modern and environmentally friendly outlook on architecture really seems to be catching on, not wanting to cut down beautiful old trees and plants, people are making features of them in their homes.

Windows are frames for the natural world, why have a painting of a beautiful view when you can have the real thing.


Living in glass houses is not for everyone, but having a fantastic view to admire has to be for all of us, doesn’t it? We must have something to sit on while we take it in all in and we at Camerich have just the thing. Our Arc High Back Lounge Chair is the ultimate relaxation piece. This suits that Modern life style and interior and combines that outside, inside look we all strive for.