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Nautical Interiors


Nautical interior design is the perfect way to make you feel like the ocean is always near. The many different hues of blues, the golden sand-like colours and all of the beach accessories in between. So if you love to be beside the seaside, a nautical home makeover could be just what you need.

In order to really gain that chic coastal feel, it’s important to keep the references to the seaside and beach quite subtle. Taking your time about what colour to use will help when trying to pull things together, shades of blue, white and brown for example will work well together.

To soften the harsh linens of the stripes we suggest that you bring in some natural accessories such as plants - by adding a few green potted plants from the outdoors it can soften the feel of the room.

The sofa you choose is important as this tends to be a focal point for the room. We recommended our Clouds sofa which will be a perfect choice for its sharp and modern look. The choice of a neutral fabric and striped cushions make this range ideal for anyone looking to bring a nautical theme in their home.