Nice Neutrals

Now that winter is finally upon us it is time to start spending the chilly evenings wrapped up in the safety and warmth of our homes. If you feel like a change of style to start the winter afresh, one of the most popular trends being experimented with is modern neutrals; greys, browns and whites.

It’s time to talk about beige. The classic cream & beige combination has always been considered a bit, well, boring? However, this winter it is set to bring back warmth and sophistication to your home. Maybe start simple, if you prefer to have a plain white room, add a soft beige sofa and accessorise accordingly with some simple cushions in deeper earthy tones. We have quite a few neutral beige fabrics to play around with in our showrooms that will uplift any living room. Our Bamboo and Canvas fabrics have different weaves which is great to introduce texture into the room.




Once of the more popular neutral tone combinations is the classic grey & white. These two shades combined with a warm wood floor and some deeper toned accessories really create a calm and relaxed environment. Although cooler colours, two fabrics we feel compliment each other well with their soft texture is our Ash and Calico fabrics - perfect for getting cosy with during winter.

 One earthy neutral that has really taken 2018 by storm and will continue to do so through the winter months is earthy green tones. This green tone paired with a warm cream or even a subtle beige will bring warmth and elegance to any home. Two fabrics we have at Camerich we feel perfectly fit this theme are Sage and Shale.



Written By Hannah Pexton