On Trend For Summer '18

For many, grey is still the neutral colour of choice for many interiors. However, this summer it’s looking like go bold or go home! It can be said that more people are feeling braver with their colour choices with not only furniture pieces but walls and floors as well. As you’ll be well aware, we have a new collection of rich luscious velvets that enhance the shades of spring/summer this year.

Moody interiors are becoming more popular day by day with Emerald greens and menacing violets. Our new velvet Forest Green demonstrates this hue perfectly, whilst our mix of polyester and rayon fabric Mulberry hits the spot.


Furniture as a whole is heading to the darker side this year. Were finding ourselves pushing away the paler bleached woods that were no doubt popular in the recent years due to the Scandi trend. Darker woods enhance retro glamour and provide us with a new outlook on modern luxe. The dark wooden trend has taken over completely, and we were ready for it! Darker shades also enhance the natural grain within the wood, again adding to the luxe feel.

Marble is also a sophisticated finish adding a glam feel to any room. We have plenty of marble pieces within the Camerich Range, from side tables to coffee tables and even dining tables. Our Carrara and Mystique marble are increasingly popular this season and are a great addition to any room. Marble is proven to be bigger then ever, there have been reports from sites such as Pinterest of a huge rise in searches for marble images and inspo from the beginning of this year. 



Playing around with different textures can seem daunting but in actual fact, it’s the most simple and effective thing that you can do! If its either mixing marble with metal or putting a heavy weave cushion on a tight fabric sofa, you shouldn’t under estimate the power of change and celebrating different looks and textures.



Richer shades of green combined with darker furniture makes a bold statement compared to the white/Scandi feel so many have desired in the past. Rich navy and charcoal walls are a thing of the present and are so fashionable whilst home decorating right now.



Written By Ruby Zoccolan

Image References