Open Space Living


 This contemporary style of living with the lack of walls and lots of light ensures your home breathes and creates more of a relaxed atmosphere.  

 A massive trend that Camerich absolutely loves is open space living. There are so many benefits to having your home in this style. The overall appearance of your home and living space becomes much freer, it increases lighting opportunities and aids in communal living, bringing family and friends together.



The Grey Oak shelving armrests enables you to relax on your sofa freely knowing your drink or a snack might be at arm’s length, whilst also creating a separation between spaces, turning your sofa into a feature piece. 


What Camerich can offer is a variety of different furniture pieces that can accommodate this specific look. Take a look at our sofa Free town for instance, it has the best of both worlds.

Why not open your space even further by using some cleaver pieces from Camerich? Our 2.2m high mirror with a black steel frame ensures to create an illusion of the open space. Head over to our Instagram and steal some more inspiration from us. 



Written By Camila Karimova