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Pantone Colour of the Year - Ultraviolet



At Camerich, we are all about ways to help you integrate this colour into your colour palette; Using our array of fabrics and finishes as a variety of options to truly allow the fueniture to be customised to your liking.

Our beautiful Simon Chair (above) has been paired with a Mulberry Cushion. The contrast of the white fabric against the purple hue balances each other beautifully, against the dark wood frame. 

Pantone, who are the biggest influencers in colour, have revealed their colour of the year which is predicted to be a huge revelation for the world of interiors. We would like to introduce Ultra Violet! This isn’t simply a shade to paint the walls with, much about the colour is how it makes you feel, and helping to create the ideal atmosphere into your home.

Purple works surpsingly well and creates a contrasting balance the room when used with other bright colours. For example using purple against its harmonising companion yellow, creates a beautiful synchronisation and avoids the lively yellow from becoming too domineering.

At Camerich we have over 100 fabrics to choose from, so you can tie in your fabulous new sofa to match your colour scheme.

Ultra Violet brings attention to any arrangement in the room. Whether it is on a new sofa, lounge chair, footstool, and even on an accent wall. The options are endless! Ultra Violet makes a statement, with its versatility the shade can add a touch of elegance or boldness.

If painting a whole wall in this stunning shade all proves to be too much, you can opt for our Mulberry Fabric which can add a similar accent of Ultra Violet. Shown onthe rleft our Eddy Lounge Chair is a nice statement and adds a pop of colour to any space. If you’re happy to be a bit bolder have a look at our Alison and Freetown Sofa upholstered in Mulberry! These can then be toned down with neutral fabrics:


Written By Shruti Dudhaiya