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Perfectly Plumped

When walking into one of our Camerich showrooms you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of perfectly plumped cushions and pillows. We use our plumping techniques and knowledge to achieve this refined and perfect look.

With regular use, cushions and seat pads can mould to your body (especially if you sit in the same place on your sofa regularly without plumping). But fear not, with our Camerich expertise and a little love and attention, you can insure you forever have showroom quality sofas and lounge chairs.

How to achieve this look: 
Firstly, slightly open the zip to allow air to flow through the cushions.
Put the cushion on a flat surface and beat on the sides to allow air to flow through the fibres. Be as rough as you like, this is not a time to be timid.
Always swap cushions around with each other to allow even wear of the fabric or leather. Smooth out any lumps or creases in the cushions.
Do this with all cushions and ensure to rotate them, this will help your sofa last longer!
So there we have it, a gorgeous sofa, perfectly plumped to showroom quality. 

Friction will wear your fabrics quicker.  So by rotating your cushions you will help your sofa look good and last for longer.
Try to avoid using household products like washing liquid, household wipes or other cleaning products on your sofa as this could damage or cause stains. 
Try professional products such as our Camerich Fabric and Leather Cleaning Kits.

Written by Momo Deville

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