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Whether its the dining room, living room, conservatory, kitchen or bedroom, the list is seemingly endless on what we can provide for you and your home. If you have a large family, a play room within your home can feel like a must. We've gathered some of our favourite playroom ideas using some of our ranges that could suit your home and style needs - this could be exactly what you're looking for!

The little ones’ love to have fun, use their imagination, run free and wild and as we all know too well, this goes hand in hand with creating a little bit of a mess! But don't fret - we’ve got you covered! Camerich have removeable and dry-cleanable covers on most (if not all) of our sofas and chairs. With an option to also purchase an extra set of covers you are never bound to one fabric or colour choice. 

Our sofa’s are both modular and sectional which allows you to choose from a wide range of options. You are able to pick something stylish to suit your needs yet still have that much needed comfort to let the little ones relax on. You can create a corner sofa, straight sofa or even a stand alone chaise piece to complete your look.

Most of our ranges also have a matching large arm chair so if you are short of space (or need something to fill that corner!) there is no reason why you can’t add comfort with one of these.

No play room is complete without bright colours and bold patterns. Although we have so many fabrics to choose from, if you can't find something that's quite right for you, we are happy for you to provide us with your perfect fabric which we can get upholstered onto our products. All we need is the right amount of meterage for your order and your perfect, unique piece will be ready in under 12weeks.

By using accents of furniture such as footstools can bring out playful and fun elements in your room. Here at Camerich the 'oh so popular' Dice and Puck proves to be a hit with our customers time and time again. Our customers love the versatility of these pieces as they can be uased as a footstool, a low-level seat for a desk area or even a miniature coffee table, just add a piece of Perspex glass on top and you instantly have something to put your decorative and everyday items on. Due to the Puck footstools coming in a variety of sizes, this means that they can fill both a large and small space.

If you are interested in knowing what would potentially work within your room then give us a call on any of our 5 London Showroom numbers. Should you need something as soon as possible, we can also inform you of our current stock which is available for quick delivery! 

Can't decide on colours and/or texture? Our softest fabrics are located within our 'VILA' range, with a hint of a sheen this luxurious fabric is a popular one within our collection and can be upholstered onto a wide range of our products!

Leather is also agreat option you should consider. You may think it’s a bold choice but let's face it, it wouldn’t be a play room without a bold feature.

At Camerich we provide Leather cleaning kits as a part of repertoire we love to make sure you have the best aftercare for your products, let us know if you need any of our cleaning kits and we will happily arrange for one to be sent out to you.

Written by Shruti Dudhaiya

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