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Quirky Details


Being faced with a blank room when when it comes to your interior decorating can be very daunting. Whether it’s a completely new build, or you’re having a renovation, choosing new furniture and a theme for the room is a scary task.

In the hopes of keeping the space neutral it’s often very easy to opt for lots of inoffensive colours and styles to keep things easy on the eye. However you can sometimes end up with your rooms looking blank, and lacking a bit of character.

The important thing to remember is to inject some personality into the space. You can still keep things simple, but by adding a few personal touches and focusing on some quirky details your space will be sure to hit the mark.  


Footstools are hugely on trend at the moment, and as well as being useful they are a great way to give the room a bit of style.

Our Dice footstool is really versatile, as well as looking stylish. Stocked in our fabulous cow hide this statement piece will be sure to spruce up any space.

If you want to keep the surroundings perfectly organised, but still interesting, then adding some playfullness to your shelving is a great way to liven things up, whilst providing order and a place for storage.

Small pops of colour will help give the room a lift and inject a sense of vibrance. If you’re nervous then stick to flashes of one key colour against a neutral background.

Another easy way to literally bring the room to life is to add foliage. Little plant pots are a lovely way of adding detail to forgotten spaces, whilst larger arrangements will create more of a feature for the room. We love plants at Camerich, if you're not neccessrily a green thumb then go for something low maintenance such as cacti which are a real favourite in interior styling.

Adding accessories to your rooms is a great way of adding detail and will do a great job of refelcting your personality in the room. This can be as simple as a few ornaments, or a beautiful wall mounted mirror or artwork. If you keep the furnishings simple and classic you can then use a few key pieces to keep things interesting, without having to worry about clashing.

Scatter cushions are a must have to make your sofa look inviting and will add a definite spark of interest. Cushions in a contrasting fabric are a really easy way of introducing different textures, colours and patterns. 


Whatever colour palette you're working towards the principles are the same, be it cushions, footstools or statement lounge chairs, the addition of a few key pieces will transform the room. With an extensive range of beautiful fabrics you will be sure to find something fabulous here at Camerich to give your decor a lift.


Written By Imogen Abbot