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Ray Of Sunshine


With the clocks moving forward at the end of this month it is hard not to look forward to the longer days. The sun coming out, festivals, picnics… you name it there are loads of reasons to be excited for summer! This being said, no matter what time of year it is, Camerich aim to help you cast a new light on your space if you are simply touching up or trying out something completely new.

Yellow. This is the up and coming sunny colour of the season being used across homes and interior spaces across the world to liven up our lives. Now, before we go into talking about how we use it, it is best to discuss the multiple different tones that the colour has to offer. Yellow can be used from sultry mustards to sunny yellows and the great news is that the colour is completely adaptable to different environments.

Take the images on the left for example; on the far left we have a rich, luxurious yellow velvet. Now, this yellow does not ‘pop’ quite like the yellow on the right however, it definitely creates a bold statement in the space. The image on the right uses a vibrant, bright yellow which lifts the darker colours in the room.

If you find yourself more traditional in the interior décor department, why not check out our options of leathers too. We have the suitably named ‘Turmeric’, and our ‘Safari’ Leather too.

Did you know that you can also buy our fabrics by the metre and leathers by 4.5 square metre? To make things simple, all our fabrics are one price and our leathers another, making it easier than ever to make the right choice when decorating your space.

Depending on your style, at Camerich we have quite a few yellow fabrics and leathers to suit everyone’s taste.

Our ‘Glow’ Fabric for example is the perfect statement fabric if you are looking for something to pop and stand out. If you prefer something a little more mellow, why not check out our ‘Ochre’ fabric? This particular fabric has been Teflon Treated, helping protect against staining and keeping those brights, bright.

Written By Hannah Pexton