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Whether it’s this side of Christmas or come the new year, who says this theme (minus the Christmas tree of course!) can’t be used all year round. Lights and yellow hues are a fabulous way to bring vibrancy and warmth to your home all year round.

Seen below, Saffron (GLORY-04)
This fabric has a stunning sheen running through, guaranteed to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any of our products you choose to coat it in. 

Camerich Honey Lounge Chair

This quirky lounge chair, seen above, comes for immediate delivery in our vibrant 'GLOW' fabric, with either a Rose Gold Frame or Dark Steel option.
Dimensions: w 79 cm. h 82/41cm. d 79 cm

The visually striking, structured “Honey” is a perfect accessory to add character to your space. Not to mention the foam filled seat and bckrest offers the most supportive comfort. 

Psssst…Camerich leathers are aniline dyed, the dye penetrates the leather all the way the way through which means that if scratched, a white mark will not be left on the leather. This practical feature will give you a greater peace of mind should you be concerned about durability! 

Shown below are Tumeric (RS-25) and Safari (RS-24)

Why not compliment the warm atmospheric effect that the Christmas lights have this time of year, and give the festive season a retro twist.

Yellow is a colour that was huge in the 70’s, a colour symbolic of change and boldness.

Bring this theme it into your Modern homes and give your interiors a burst of energy and revive.

We are proud to have introduced a really beautiful and luxurious selection of yellow fabrics and leathers to brighten up our existing range.

Seen above, Glow (WALLE-01)
This bright light fabric has a gorgeous, soft almost suede like feel. 

Ochre (GRACE-09)
Our fabulous Ochre fabric is Teflon coated.

Camerich Lazy Time Two seat sofa

Like all of our cleverly modular designs, they allow for you to choose either a fabric or leather to cover your sofa in. This would be the ideal piece to create that statement you have always wanted to. Choose to balance out the colour by going for cooler tones such as greens, blues.

If you really can’t decide between the fabrics you don’t just have to choose one..the fabric covers are entirely removable, so should you want to change over the colour this is entirely possible!  

Written By Alice Keenan