Say Yes To Zest


Summer is long gone and autumn is well under way which means we can say a big hello to those great Autumn colours! Zest is a big hit on this year’s colour chart ‘hot list’ and you can’t deny that this colour is eye-catching and perfect to add a unique feature in your room. Whether it’s a full piece of furniture or a small ornament, popping Zest into your scheme will add the colour and diversity your space may need.


But not all Zest elements have to be so in your face. Sometimes we can add smaller pieces to a space in a darker shade to still emphasize a daring feature without taking the plunge into something garish. An ottoman for example can be considered the perfect way to bring in some colour to the room. Trays and neutral throws can be placed over them to keep them blended well within the space whilst also making It clear it’s still there. Zest works well when the setting is already neutral. It contributes to the eye catching effect and this year will keep you up to date with the latest trend.



If you’re going to take the plunge with Zest this is our top advice:

-          Keep it with a neutral setting, this will make the colour ‘pop’ which is exactly what you want.

-          Choose one large statement piece to pair Zest with, if you’re going to go for it then GO FOR IT!

-          If you’re going to accessorise with Zest (e.g. cushions) then make sure there are other elements of the room which link to these.

We have a fabric in the perfect Zest shade here at Camerich. This can be upholstered on any of our Sofas, Lounge and Dining Chairs. It can be easily paired with some of our more neutral colours to keep it in tone with the rest of your room.


Feeling nervous to try it? Come into one of our showrooms and we’ll reassure you and show you how you can use Zest well within your space.


Written by Ruby Zoccolan


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