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Sensible Storage

Storage is a necessity in any space to keep your room looking organised and clean. Storage units such as wardrobes, drawers and cabinets can often be seen as something you can just put all your miscellaneous items in, however storage units can also be a statement piece of furniture in the room; it can add the necessary character and colour that can suit your space.

Storage furniture can also be designed to be adeptly built into living spaces or as a free standing piece of furniture. For built in storage, it can be designed in various ways dependent on how you want the finished look of your room to be. It can be cleverly designed so that it is concealed and save space to give a more minimalistic and de-cluttered look.

Built in storage is normally designed to maximise storage potential and to make use of space where you typically would not think of using. For instance (above), shelving is installed around the door frame, making the most of the space around it. 

It can also become a strong feature in a room, where heavy emphasis is put into the shelving structure. However it can also be designed to be cleverly hidden when not in use.

Above, the majority of the room is defined by the way storage is built into the space. It is designed so that no space is left unused and that the storage units built to adapt to the surrounding space. The storage units are built with timber, matching the woodened flooring. It can be concealed when not in use and disguised and camouflaged back into the wall.

Shelving can also be used to showcase and display your things, making it an accent feature in the room. Shelving systems can be quite practical and be modified in many ways to adapt to a living space, whether you’re working around an element in your room (i.e. above image, working round the fireplace) or if you just want to exhibit your objects, you can turn any blank wall into an eye catching shelving arrangement.

Free standing storage furniture can also be designed in many ways; it can be beautifully constructed and be multifunctional. One trend which is becoming more and more popular is tinted glass storage units since it emerged last year at Milan design week. The tinted glass makes a subtle difference and adds character to the usual clear glass on a storage unit.

Below, the main feature on the cabinets is the coloured glass. The stained glass gives this cabinet a striking element; making it unique as this material is not normally seen on furniture.

Our Camerich cabinets with dark tinted glass in our Stilts storage range are versitile and unique - perfect for any space.

Free standing bookshelves and wardrobes can have more than one function. Some shelving units can become a room divider or partition in the room; making it versatile and adaptable to any living space.

At Camerich we have a range of storage units that are not only modern and contemporary but also for multifunctional use. The tall bookcases in our MAX storage collection can act as room partitions, enabling separation of space within a home whilst still having an open plan.


You can change the layout of a room with a large open frame bookcase or shelving unit and depending on how closed off you want the space to be. You can put more personal objects on the shelves to create more of a barrier or have less items so that space is not completely isolated.

Storage units can be designed to suit and adapt to different living space; changing the way objects are put away and organised.

Need some storage for your home? Here at Camerich we have many different options that you can choose from.