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TOYS – a sideboard can be incorporated into a child’s play area or room. Sideboards help organise spaces as well as keeping clutter out of sight. Sideboards do not go out of fashion and can grow with the children. Once there is no longer a use for toys, it can be used for other posessions.

Sideboards are a great accessory to add to every home. Although they are traditionally designed to be used in dining rooms to store plates, crockery and other dining accessories, there are countless other uses for them. 


Not only are there multiple uses for sideboards, they are also really practical. As they are traditionally designed for dining, they are extremely convenient. During dinner parties especially, the ease of accessibility will make life so much easier!

Souvenirs, collectors’ items and anything else that you would like to have on display – sideboards can act as a great stage for them. This gives you a chance to display items that exhibit your personality or any treasured collections, without creating a look of disorder in your home. 

Our Stilts sideboard at Camerich comes with doors that can be flipped either way depending on what you want to display or hide. It is available in different options of finishes and is a fun piece of furniture which can add character to any room. 






Written By Gurjeet hunjan