Sofas not too close to the ground

Sofas closer to the ground often create an illusion of a busy and dense space, which can become claustrophobic.

Sofas with high legs gives the illusion of the sofa appearing light, elegant and proportionate to the space. In addition, depending on the type of sofa, this also give you the chance to use that as further storage.

Lounge chairs are a great addition to a living space, as it adds further character to the room, and you have additional sitting space.

You can use mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best ways of giving the illusion of making a small space much bigger.

However, most importantly the shape of your mirrors helps emphasize the space.

One of the top trends right now are tall mirrors, for example our very own Bell mirror from Camerich.


Slim & Modular Sofas

When you’re looking for a sofa for a small space, sofas with slim narrow armrests and backrests are perfect. The slim armrest and backrest help to utilize as much seating space.

Alternatively, modular sofas are also a great choice. This is because, modular pieces are available in separated pieces and often in different lengths, which gives you vast choice of configuration.

Nevertheless, the seat depth is also a huge factor on your sofa choice. Narrow sofas are imperative to small spaces. Sometimes, we overestimate how big the sofa will be, and make the mistake of going for deeps sofas, which ends up taking up too much of the room. 


This why you want to focus around seat depts under 100cm (this length from the back to the front of the sofa).

The Elan sofa is a great addition to any small space as the range is modular, it also has a narrow depth of 100cm so is ideal for a small space. In addition to this, the Elan sofa also has storage options as part of some of the modules making it the perfect option.  

Witten by Marian N'Ze



One thing we can agree on, is that London properties can be more on the “smallish” side. Therefore, there is a constant barrier of having to accommodate furniture into a small living room, leaving you limited in your choice of sofas. 

This blog post is an insight with five top tips to how you can work around a small and limited space.


Straight sofas, a lounge chair or footstool

Sometimes the difficulty of having a small sofa, makes you question whether you can host gatherings. However, don’t let your small space discourage you to socialize. A great way to create more space is by adding additional lounge chairs that suit your space.

Tall mirrors such as the Bell Mirror, not only help make your space appear more spacious but it is also a great decoration feature.

Light tones  

It is very important to create an illusion that the space is much more spacious. A very efficient way to achieve this is by your choice of fabric. Light tones fabrics create a light and spacious effect in any space.