Small Space? Small Problem!


Do you have a small space that needs filling, but you can’t quite find the right piece? Look no further! At Camerich we have a number of smaller sofas that can fit in to a small gap that you may have. Firstly, consider style. Once you set your mind on the style you’d like to go for its easy to pick out the pieces that may work for you.

The Amor sofa is one of our small and more compact sofas. With only a depth of 88cm and a low back, you can’t go wrong. Sleek and simplistic, the Amor sofa is the ultimate modern design. With striking dark metal legs which elegantly contrast the curvature of the sofa back. The Amor creates a stunning focal point in any interior large or small. The frame of the sofa is hand crafted in birch wood and has a guarantee of a minimum of 15 years.

The Amor inners are made with a high density polyeurothene foam and are wrapped with fibre. This combination ensures that the sofa keeps it shape well whilst also being comfortable and elegant. 

The angular piece to the left is a perfect way to add seating to a small nuk in your home. Whether its under the stairs or in a bay window, this could be the perfect subtle focal point your room needs. 

The Freeetown Sofa on the other hand is boxy yet elegant. You have a choice of having a grey oak arm, upholstered arm or no arm at all! This flexible sofa gives you many options to play with. The fact that you don’t have to have arms on this sofa allows you to utilise small spaces to their full potential. The image to the left is a perfect example of how well the Freetown works in a smaller space. 

Although the Freetown is considered to be one of our most dominent larger ranges, it comes in lots of differet sized armless pieces. This means that a single piece can be used to be a petite sofa (as shown).

The Grey Oak Bookshelf Arm adds some character to these small pieces. Small sofas do not have to be boring! By adding some different scatter cushions this also breaks up the look and remains in keeping with the rest of the space.

The Balance Plus Wide Armchair is effectively a 'love seat' style chair. This would go great in a smaller space that you want filling. Whether its something you want to cozy up in or have as an occasional piece this would be great for you.

Written by Ruby Zoccolan

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