Spring clean


At Camerich we have the perfect fabrics that will brighten up any space, transforming your room into a tranquil space. With natural materials and used such as cotton and linen and neutral tones, our fabrics being a touch of nature inside, allowing your home to feel fresh and cool. Our fabrics such as Canvas (3335-01) and Linen (A646-2A) are the perfect choice when buying a sofa this spring.

Written by Martha Cocker 





With the last year being like no other, suddenly there is now a sense of hope and peace on the horizon as the days start to become lighter and the nights less cold. Spring is certainly starting to blossom. Now is the perfect time to rebuild and create a new space. The perfect time for a spring-clean and why not do it with elegance and style here at Camerich?


Our sofa ranges such and the Notting and Crescent create a modern and sophisticated vibe with their slim frame, adding a touch of elegance to the room. The feet add height, creating space from their frame and the ground, of which allows the sofa to feel light and breezy. These ranges are a great option for a spring redo as they add a touch of fresh air to your living space.

Why not open your space with our Carrara Marble Verge Dining Table? The bright white marble lights up every room and with the glossy protection on top it adds shine. With solid wood legs, the table is strong and sturdy however it fit into a room without effortlessly without absorbing all the space due to the minimalistic design, bringing sophistication into your room.