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Summer Feeling

Spending your summer listening to the waves breaking on the shore and lounging around on a little Moroccan beach - that would be the life, wouldn’t it?


Though unfortunately this isn’t the reality for most of us but don’t fear! There’s plenty of ways we bring the beach to our homes through a nautically inspired interior.

Wherever you might be in the world you can let your interiors take you somewhere else. Light woods and soft furnishings paired with prints or patterns can create that oh so desired bohemian vibe. Try to capture that sense of relaxation the way the coast does by using thick knitted rugs and tight woven fabrics to embrace that beach feeling. Using soft-to-touch textures to help you feel relaxed and content.

Venturing outside. Get together all your spare blankets and cushions and get out there, as we know the sun waits for no one! Make yourself a camp, or if you’ve got the space invest in some beautiful outdoor seating like the below. This is the best way to spend those long summer evenings in front of an open fire or a setting sun.

Our Amor Range is definitely all about summer. Clean lines and free of back cushions, it creates a light and cool minimalistic look.

Design the Amor in any of our Camerich fabrics or leathers.

You could take some inspiration from the sea, like us and choose one of the below.

  Beach (A446-1A)        Marine (Vila-21)        Azure (RS-23) 

Written by Leah Turberville