Sustainable Camerich



Now more than ever, a sustainable lifestyle is imperative. A simple way of taking responsibility for our actions is to be aware of a materials property, whether this is clothing, everyday essentials, or our favourite, Interior Design. Naturally choosing your interior you prioritize the aesthetic; however elegant sustainable fabrics are not hard to come by.

The most sustainable fabrics which Camerich offer have properties of the organic material cotton, viscose made from wood pulp, and natural fibre linen. See below our refined swatch samples.


Here at Camerich, we have a large variety of stocked fabrics on our furniture ranges. Our fabrics can be upholstered to create a beautiful bespoke order, we also offer the service for clients to use their own material to upholster our ranges to achieve a unique Camerich look. 

If you are feeling inspired to add new timeless textures to your interior space and would love a daring pop of colour for your sofa, look no further! Offering the service of reupholstering your existing sofa – our cushion covers are removeable and can be sold separately. This is a lovely feature to our sofas, having the versatility to change your fabric as often as you would like. The sofas wooden frame remains, saving on wasted material.    



In our showrooms we have Floss lighting. We receive so many compliments and questions where they are from, and there is no wonder, they are amazing! They have LED bulbs supporting sustainability in several ways. Low energy consumption, therefore using less energy and less expense compared to other types of bulbs. They are dimmable and use 20% less energy when dimmed. Lots of positives to eye catching lighting!


At Camerich we are evolving and believe in the importance to be kind to the environment. We continue to research new methods for a more sustainable lifestyle! We love new suggestions and welcome feedback in striving to do our best.

Written by Chloe Banton