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Sweet Dreams


We believe that style and comfort should run through every room of your space. Camerich also offers a large range of bedroom furniture, so that from the moment you wake up you feel relaxed and comfortable within your surroundings. Here is just a small sample of the bed ranges we offer here at Camerich.

The Eden bed 

Although style is important, London living calls for maximising storage space as much as possible, so that your room does not feel cluttered. The Eden bed is Cameich’s first storage bed and is the perfect combination of both form and function. The  Eden Bed comes with a discrete storage component, which allows you to lift the mechanism keeping the mattress horizontal when the support system is fully opened, offering ample and much needed storage space.

The Embrace bed 

If you want to create a beautiful, elegant and stylish space that is right on trend then the Embrace bed will help you do just this. Over the past year we have seen a rise in beautifully curved headboards in bright and rich velvet finishes. Our Embrace bed is designed with a wrap around curve, which makes it a statement piece of a room, whilst its shape will also make you excited for being tucked in bed within the soft arms, making for a cosy night beauty sleep.



The Crescent and Luna bed

You can’t beat the classic soft look of our Crescent bed, The Crescent bed is one our most popular beds here at Camerich, with its simple silhouette and high headboard which will provide you with soft supporting head rest whilst you sit and read at night or enjoy a lazy Sunday Morning coffee.

The Crescent bed has proved so popular, that we have even brought out a similar design for our customers; The Luna bed. The Luna bed has the same high headboard but instead the bed is raised higher off the floor with statement black legs.





It's so important to get the look of your bed perfect, due to it being the statement part of the room and the place you look forward to being at the end of the day, so Camerich offer a range of fabrics and leathers for all our bed ranges, so you can pick the perfect colour for your bed frame. Once More, both the Fabric and leather is removeable allowing you the flexibility of changing the look of the bed if you ever desire. 


Written By Katrina Dalley