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Teflon To The Rescue



When choosing a sofa, we often choose the most practical option when it comes to deciding on fabrics. Customers tend to choose dark colours to hide any stains that might occur due to wine, kids, pets, food and drinks. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the invention on Teflon, a fantastic fabric stain protector!

Teflon treated fabrics guard against soil, dirt and liquids, allowing you extra time to clean it up in one of the said things happen. The Teflon coating allows liquids to sit on top of the fabrics like pebble droplet, giving you enough time to clean the spillages before it seeps into the fabric.


For the fabrics that don’t have the Teflon treatment naturally in them, we do offer a stain guarding treatment that can added to any of our other fabrics for a small fee.

All our fabrics have roughly around a 30,000-rub count on the Novatex Abrasion Resistance Test perfect for heavy domestic use. In addition to this all our fabrics are fully removable that come completely off the frame, making it very easy to dry clean. Our Grace fabric range comes with a Teflon treatment already woven in that comes at no additional cost. This fabric range has many different greys and colours to choose from.

The Lazy Time sofa looks fantastic in the new favourite fabric Nickle.

You can now get that white sofa you have always dreamt of without any worry. Perhaps now you will pick from our Notting range in our white Frost fabric.

Written By Amber Crossin