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How To Use Texture


Introducing a variety of finishes, patterns and textures across your space is a really important aspect of keeping the décor diverse and interesting to the eye. Having an overload of flat fabric can become too much of the same thing.

If you think about how much fabric you have in one space, once you take into account the sofa, carpet or rugs, curtains and any other textile pieces such as chairs or cushions, it is important to introduce variety. 


Adding large pieces in leather finishes is a fantastic way to break up the furniture in your room. Especially if you have a fabric sofa, using another finish such as leather is a great way to provide another layer and add depth to the room.

Our puck footstool also doubles up as a coffee table, and looks perfect with a cosy throw.


Ever popular, velvets are the perfect way to add a plush and cosy feel to your space. These work best in rich colours, but will look sumptuous in any colour. If a velvet sofa is not for you then go for smaller details such as an accent chair or foot rest to create a focal point for the room.



Using cow hide is one of the best ways to add a really exciting texture to the room. It is glossy, luxurious and definitely adds finesse to any space. If you’re wary of using an animal print, go for black and brown hide to give a more moody, monotone effect. 



Using a fabric with a bold weave can seem scary, however when applied correctly it can be the perfect statement to break up the overload of upholstery going on in your room. Below is fantastic example of a thick weave fabric paired with leather and velvet cushions. The strapping detail on our Nature sofa ties the idea together.


Written By Imogen Abbot