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Textures in Interiors


Over the past few years there has been a surge in popularity for neutral palettes and paints in homes. Interiors has become increasingly like a blank canvas which are in desperate need of some added interest and excitement through furniture and accessories. This is where texture comes in!

Texture is a sensually experience that can dramatically change an interiors character, depth and warmth, so why not throw something in there that can make your space ‘pop’.

The ‘blank canvas’ of neutral walls and flooring lean open for the layering of natural materials such as wood and leather as well as the richer velvet and marble textures that fit into all aesthetics – and it is handy that Camerich has all these texture options to include, for your furniture pieces.


Camerich has two velvet ranges; FANCY and LUXE, all available in a selection of colours.

A lot of people remember velvets from the 80’s being dark and rich, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Velvets work well contrasting in softer palettes to simply add a splash of colour rather than over power.


Camerich has a selection of velvets that work for all colour palettes and tastes, without being considered ‘too much’; an example being Aegean (Code: Fancy-03), that can give sea blue tones to any adventurous interior. 


Leather is described as a ‘timeless fabric’, with it bringing a luxurious and natural finish into any interior as well as it being an extremely durable product.

Camerich leather is sourced from Texas for its globally renowned quality, with it being light fastness and scratch resistant, they are perfect for upholstering the family sofa or lounge chairs.

Camerich also offer a micro-fibre (eco-leather) synthetic leather that is used for coffee and side table products.

So whether you want to cover a whole sofa or just accessories, Leather offers a natural raw finish to any space – and with Camerich offering 23 different colours, you will be spoilt for choice on how to fit the leather into your space.



Wood is probably one of the most utilised materials to texture an interior, with it being utterly timeless and hard wearing.

Camerich offers three different woods to use; Grey Oak, Black Walnut (showing a larger grain and natural aspect of the wood) and Brown Walnut (a deep brown toned wood).

 These woods can be featured on Camerichs’ dining, side, coffee tables, desks and sideboards –allowing you to bring a natural and raw appearance to your home. The woods are also FSC certified and environmentally sourced, thus ensuring social responsibility on our behalf and for our customers.

 Written by Dominique Klesnik-Edwards









Marble finishes have grown in popularity over the past few years, and has no sign of stopping.

With it once favoured by the Romans as a statement and sign of wealth, it is now accessible to all to show a clean, minimalist and natural look to any interior.


There is no restriction for what you can do with the marble texture as Camerich offers three different real marble choices for their dining, side and coffee tables; Carrara, Galaxy Grey and Mystique. So if you are wanting a clean and bright look, or to add darker greys and brown hints into your space, these three marbles work for all different tones and colour