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The Art Of Accessorising


Looking for a spot to place a tray with drinks? Why not try our ‘Puck’ footstool!

If you’re looking to add comfort, you can opt to have a custom fabric for a pop of colour.           

Alternatively, you can choose from a selection of leathers here at camerich. This timeless piece adds the perfect finish to any room.

Accessories are the jewellery of the home. Adding layers of detailed elements within spaces will create a vibrant punch to a room. Including items that hold sentimental value is key when personalizing a space. Accessories such as artwork can be great conversational pieces. These finishing touches not only create ambience but also help to coordinate a well-designed space.



At Camerich we offer a variety of original coffee tables with different finishes that create statement pieces for your living space. The most vital aspect to consider when selecting, is the shape you choose, the style and proportion of your coffee table. This will make sure it’s a resourceful piece of furniture in your living room. 

Just like cushions and artwork, area rugs can be used to highlight interior trends using minimal resources economically. Adding accent colours or patterns on other furnishings creates a bold statement on the floor making the room feel unified. As well as hiding less-than perfect flooring, rugs can be used to draw attention to an important piece of furniture, such as a coffee table.


Written By Alaa Sonosi