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The Coffee Table Edit



The simple coffe table, often the central focal point of the room, and often overlooked. We're here to give you the run down of our favourite pieces, and how to make them work for you.

If the coffee table is placed in direct  alignment with the TV a square style creates nice symmetry and a cohesive layout.

Our Element coffee table is an absolute favourite, with carara marble from italy and dark steel frame, this piece is a sure stand out.


If you have an open space, or a sofa with a longer return section you may prefer to go for a round coffee table. This allows for more flow around the space and easy access across the room.

If you have a larger space it is a really nice idea to pair two coffee tables together. This can accomadate a larger layout and achieves lovely symmetry. 

If you want something which is more quirky to add interest to the room, we would reccomed introducing some variety of height.






Our Hanna tables on the left are a fantastic duo and pair together to make a really versatile layout. these can easily be rearranged if you decided to pop one of them in the corener as a handy extra side table.

If you like the two-tiered look this can also be achieved with our Lotus coffee table in stunning brown walnut.

Written By Imogen Abbot