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The Colour Palette

Specific hues trigger different emotions, thoughts and reactions, not to mention completely adjust your mood. To put it simply, colour can make or break an environment.

Time and design have moved on from the days when we were once confined to a few simple pigments, our options are no longer what animals, plants and our environment had to offer however, with choice comes an overwhelming amount of pressure. 

Colour palettes are one of the easiest ways to figure out what colours to bring into your home. Colour palettes can originate from anywhere and make the design process much smoother.

If you want to avoid living in a mismatched colourful environment, find softer muted tones which accent the bolder hues you usually shy away from. This year we have introduced 16 new colours in both fabric and leather, which will no doubt make you re think your colour choices.

Pastels are a great way to keep colour running through your home whilst avoiding white and grey.

Cranberry, Lagoon, Eden and Blossom are some of our newer pastel colours which sit as a palette as well working with bold shades, such as our apricot shown here on our vast chair with our small Teri side table.

Here at Camerich our colour options are so much more extensive than just pastels, see our Zest, Peacock, Mulberry, Pumpkin and Ruby shown on our Alison three seat sofa.  

Unless you strive for the full rainbow look it’s wise to try and limit yourself, stick to three to four colours and venture of into the different hues, with moderation of course. Art work is great way to introduce further hues into your home.

You can of course keep the neutral and keep the colour to the furniture and accessories. Go bold with you colour choice and let the furniture do the talking. Mixing the larger bolder shades with a few softer colours is a great way to keep the room balanced. See our Crescent two seat sofa in peacock below which is a great addition to any neutral setting.

Written by Adam Mosley