The Master Bedroom


For a lot of people, especially in this non-stop modern time we live in, the bedroom is a place of solitude and peace. A sanctuary that can be completely your own. You can decorate it to your own taste and comfort to create a space that is quite simply, unique to you.

We have a small, yet unique, selection to choose from when it comes to beds however, if you do choose us, you can have this bed made up in any of our 83 fabrics we have on display in all our showrooms.


Our Crescent Bed, for example, has an understated elegance to the design. It is very simple, however depending on the fabric or leather you choose to upholster in – it can make a very bold statement in the bedroom with the slightly higher than usual head board design. This range, much like our Alison range, comes with a matching ottoman at the end of the bed.

If you wish to move away from less traditional options, then our Amor & Elan Ranges are the perfect contrast for you. Ultra-sleek, contemporary and simplistic, these pieces lend themselves to those after a minimalist, clean look.





Written By Hannah Pexton