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Mirrors are a cunning way to deceive the eye and are a great decorating tool in all sorts of situations. Mirrors can be used to enhance something or deflect attention away from it. Awkward spaces, such as rooms with a sloping ceiling or a gap too small to fit a piece of furniture, can be repurposed with a mirror.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... A tall mirror leaned against the wall is our favourite of all.

Need a mirror but torn between simple or statement? Panic over. As you can see, our Bell mirror; tall and elegant is ideal for adding a pocket of light to a dark corner. And of course, these are a must for anyone lucky enough to have a walk-in closet.


They can be highly decorative, have a practical use, and in dark rooms they have the bonus of throwing all the available light around. To let the light in, simply hang one opposite, or on the adjacent wall to the window or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room. A mirror will harness any daylight possible (no matter how gloomy the sky is outside) so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space.

The Bell mirror is an excellent tool designed to rest on the floor, but can be wall mounted if you prefer. With their tall, thin profiles, the bell mirror is a great option for bedroom decor that can add some glam and romance to the space. It’s made from metal, making it a super-strong mirror that’s built to last. The colour comes from a matt powder coat, so there’s no paint-scuffing, either. A floor mirror is also transformative in the living room and can energize an overlooked corner and can be great for use when trying on new outfits and checking your look before you head out for the day. So invest in mirrors and let the result speak for itself

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