The Perfect Match.



The first step of any renovation is to establish what you want to achieve within your space.

If you have a smaller space and want to make the space feel large, it’s good to keep the colour pallet light in colour, so light wooden oak floors, matched with tonal coloured furniture and natural walls will make the space feel bright and airy.

If you want to make space bold then pairing dark wooden flooring with dark fabrics can work beautifully, however, to avoid this looking overpowering, then adding an accent chair and cushions in white and neutral colours helps break up the space. 

How to match your sofa with carpets.

Carpets can be one of the harder components to get right as there is more factors to consider; fibre type, pattern and colour. 

If you have already chosen a bold colour for the sofa or want to keep the space feeling bright an open then a neutral colour can be the best option, creams, off whites and greys can keep the space looing fresh and then easy to match with any sofa. To add character and depth to the space choose a carpet with texture or pattern. If you wanted to go bolder but still keep the carpet light, then choosing a carpet with colour flecks can be a great option. The fleck can then be matched with either your sofa or with another accent colour within the room.  

We hope the above information helps narrow down the key elements to consider. There are so many routes you can take in order to create your perfect vision and we can’t wait to go to assist you in your renovation journey!



Written By Katrina Dalley

How to match your sofa with wood flooring.

Dark wooden flooring can bring a feeling of warmth into the space, with its beautiful rich and earth tones. If you want to harmonise with these tones, then red and deep browns match the richness of the wood. You can either choose to match your whole sofa with these colours to create a cosy space or if you are wanting to keep the space lighter and more open then light creams still pick up the earthy tones of the wood, then Adding soft baby blues or zesty lime greens uplift a space.

How to match your sofa with your walls.

The colour of your walls can be at the bottom of your to do list. With the vast range of colours that paint can be supplied in, you will always still find the perfect colour.

If the aim of the room is to have the sofa as the statement piece, then painting the walls a light grey is a good option as grey perfectly blends with a range of colours; rich reds, browns and off-whites of any tone.

If you wanted to have the wall brighter but still wanted the furniture as the statement piece, then blue and green work well. Green is known as a colour that soothes the eye and emulates the feeling of peace. Green can also offset a bold pattern that’s on the furniture. Similarly, Blue provides a tranquil background; this allows the furniture colours to catch your eye as the blue moves into the background.