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Tips For Sofa Styling



Once you have figured out which size and style of sofa you want to go for, the next big question is how to go about arranging the layout. Even amongst one sofa style there are a number of different options which will all create a varying impact on the room. 


The first thing you need to work out is how to create a balance within the room. If you have a busy lounge with lots of furniture and lots of colour then it works well to keep the sofa arrangement simple. A modular layout with lots of pieces will make the room feel more chaotic. Stick to a simple sectional sofa, or to make things even simpler go for a straight sofa which works well with your existing furniture. 

If you have a small space you don’t want to swamp the room by trying to squeeze in a sofa that is too large. The same goes for your colour palette, stick to a neutral base and pick our one key accent colour as a focal point. You can accessorize around this adding in other soft furnishings to fit with your theme, but try to avoid having too much going on as this will keep things easy on the eye.

Should you go for a straight sofa or an L shape, a closed corner or an open ended chaise? Should you have flush cushions or keep them spaced out? Here we have prepared a few steps to help you work out what will be the best fit for you.


Symmetry and Asymmetry

When looking to purchase a new sofa most people are faced with the debate, should I get an L shape? Chaise sections are extremely popular and look fantastic in a great deal of spaces.

However, if you’re scared of committing to this our advice would be to give yourself the flexibility to move things around by choosing an Ottoman. Not only will this give the same illusion of an L-shape but it can be swapped to either side, or put in the middle which allows for maximum flexibility.

The sofa on the left is comprised using three evenly sized pieces. You should contrast this by having more random scatter cushions in different sizes and colours. 


Make sure the layout of your sofa is cohesive with the layout of your room. If you have a fantastic view with large windows then you should make use of armless pieces to allow an open section for light to come in and open-up the space. This will incorporate the fabulous surrounding inside the room as well as outside.  


Modular sofas do not have to be used solely for large spaces. If you have a smaller room or an awkward space to fill you may find that something modular gives you more flexibility to create something which is the perfect fit for the area you have.

In a smaller room a great tip is to keep one end open to stop the area becoming crowded. You can tie this together with a side table to finish off the arrangement.

Using a small armless section, such as the one on the left, is not only going to be smaller than a sectional chaise but this also maximises the available seating space that you have in the room.



If you have a really large sofa you may need to add a few different ideas into the mix to try and break things up a bit.  

Having lots of the small sections can look too heavy so you should break this up by introducing some side table accessories to add interest. Keeping the back cushions spaced out will also help to avoid the sofa becoming too busy and blocky. 


Written By Imogen Abbot