'Tis the season


It’s been an unpredictable year to say the least, bringing unexpecting challenges to us all. At the beginning of year many of us would have wanted it to be a year of new adventures and places, but as the year has panned out the term ‘safe haven’ has felt a very relevant description for our homes.

With less events this year it’s the perfect excuse to snuggle indoors for Christmas films. Adding extra scatter cushions in different finishes, like leathers and velvets can give character to the sofa and make it look cosy and inviting. Adding rich reds, gold or burnt orange can give the room the festive touch.

We hope you enjoy the festivities and we we look forward to the next year of creating the perfect interiors for you. 

Written by Katrina Dalley 




Never before have our homes had to be so multi-purpose and meant we have had to transform them into our very own offices, schools’ gyms and bars.  

Now that this year is drawing to a close and Christmas is upon us, here are a few quick ways we can create the Christmas feeling in our ‘havens’ and leave the manic multi-purpose home life behind for a short period.

Although, we can’t host Christmas parties like we usually would, we all still deserve to celebrate and unwind with good music food and drink. You can create a beautiful elegant display easily by using your work desks, cabinets and consoles, removing the usual files and work documents with bottles, elegant glasses and decorative candelabras and napkins.

Every festive season needs some Christmas sparkle, and this easily be added to any interior. Adding baubles or fairy lights to glassware can add an elegant Christmassy touch to the room.