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Tuscan Interiors

Let’s take a trip across the sea and back in time to the sun-drenched Italian countryside. Inspired by romance, beauty and long-lasting craftsmanship, Tuscan style brings old-world European charm with dramatic flair to modern-day living spaces.

Original Tuscan cottages were built to last for centuries. Mimic the look of their classic architecture by incorporating some hearty stone and wood accents throughout your space. Natural wooden ceiling beams add a charming, rustic look along with stone used to create a unique fireplace, adding pieces to an accent wall, or even framing an arched doorway adds noteworthy character. 

Back then, most building materials would have come from the land. Your typical home would have been made from the rocks you dug up in the fields.

Furniture in this time was (and is) simple, sturdy and unpainted.

This is a great example of a modern rustic dining area that opens out overlooking the kitchen. The modern feel is accented with the use of a neutral colour scheme against the striking outdoor greenery, furnishings and accessories. The square-like furniture enhances the rustic look of the table and combines with the modern for an interesting result. We recommended our Vessel dining Table in light oak for its simple and modern look which will be a perfect choice.

Our Lazy Time Armchair in our Concrete fabric is paired with some recycled chip wood and some industrial style frames. The accents of green add a splash of colour to the neutral setting and would pair well as an addition to a Tuscan style interior.  

Your living room at home is a space in which you and your loved ones live, relax and unwind. Ultimately, it’s where most of you will spend the majority of your down time; where you cast off the woes of the world and can finally breathe. The slim and defined arms of or Era sofa would be a perfect match for the Tuscan feel within your home. 


Some of our products here at Camerich have a light oak finish that would contribute nicely to the Tuscan style within your home. The Vessel for example is a great way to encorporate something unique and refreshing into your space.

Come and visit one (or more) of our 6 Camerich London based showrooms and view some of our fantastic new finishes! We have many to choose from including:

Light Oak

Grey Oak


Brown Walnut

Black Walnut

By Andrea Anselmi

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