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Unfinished Business

The main contender for achieving this effect is of course, exposed brickwork. If your room needs colour, an exposed brick feature wall will not only warm the space up, but the room will also get a beautifully rustic atmosphere exposing some of the character of the building. This works best if you have some lovely, attractive bricks to work with; If they're not the right colour or aren't giving you the right effect then painted bricks are the way forward, and will give you a lovely texture without hindering your existing colour scheme

Whilst the use of peeling plaster, raw concrete and dangling wires doesn't necessarily sound like a fantastically lavish idea, in reality this design concept can offer a great deal of character to a space. When used in moderation, and paired with the right surroundings, having an 'unfinished' feature in your room can create a really stunning effect. Of course, you don't actually want your home to look like a building site, so it’s important to get it right.

Using the natural quality of the brickwork can really enhance the mood of your interior, by working with the features and characteristics of the materials that you already have in the space you can achieve an organic quality.
The same can be said for plastering, leaving one area as a rustic feature wall not only gives you an automatic focal point for the room, but it will also add a uniquely raw quality, as something which happened simply by chance and could never be achieved with wallpapering. The trick is to be brave, let one feature become a daring statement, and contrast this with the surroundings.


The key with having any unfinished areas in your decorating is to keep it in moderation, don't overdo it. Allowing an area to remain natural and exposed creates a fabulous juxtaposition which is especially striking when paired with clean minimalist styling. 

Concrete can be used to give depth and texture to a space and looks especially effective in industrial type spaces such as loft conversions. Concrete doesn't necessarily have to be cold and bleak, a distressed concrete will look rustic and interesting, whereas using a marbled or veined concrete with a polished finish will result in a much more classic look. 

If you're using this as part of a main living area, keep the colour palette neutral to avoid things looking pokey. Our fabulous Era sofa (left) looks fabulous in a light fabric to contrast the concrete flooring.



Written by Imogen Abbot