'WFH' With Camerich




During these times, it is easy for the World to feel overwhelming and stressful. Creating an Environment that is your own little slice of tranquility can be so effortlessly done with our smooth leathers and cool linen blends. You will breeze through your working day with our soft textures surrounding you, creating a WFH space that is calm, focused and chic.


With the current pandemic, ‘WFH’ has become a part of our everyday life and culture, making the standard office block and daily commute a thing of the past. We all know the enormous impact our environment has on our wellbeing, which is why now is the perfect time to take control of your office surroundings by creating your dream WFH environment with Camerich. 


Having an WFH environment that is organized and clutter-free is what our desks at Camerich are here for. Not only do they bring a sense of style with our minimal sleek frames, but, more importantly, when it is time to log out of work mode, you can easily store everything away. Making the commute from the ‘office’ to your bedroom even more effective when switching out of ‘work mode’.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Written by Martha Cocker 


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In order to be productive, it is crucial that you are comfortable within your working environment. We understand that here at Camerich by creating seating that not only feels good, but looks good with our elegant sophisticated designs. So, sit back and let your body relax in one of our lounge chairs while you let your mind do all the work in your new WFH Camerich furniture.