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Why integrate green into your home?


Camerich have a specialist curated collection of neutral finishes and fabrics for your furniture which helps to make a decorating job, a straightforward task. Our showrooms are designed to guide you into selecting your main furniture pieces soundly. All Camerich ranges, finishes and fabrics are designed to complement each other. Even for someone who doesn’t necessarily have an eye for design detail, visiting a Camerich showroom can really help to inspire the blank canvas woes. Once your sofa, sideboard, coffee table and side tables are bought together, you can simply introduce a selection of neutral artworks to the walls and indoor plants in a variety of ceramics. This will bring life to your décor.

Pattern & texture

Observe what areas are inviting more or need to be broken up or brightened up. The Verge dining table is 240cm in length which is a big slab of marble. This plant has organically broken up the whiteness of the marble and can easily be moved out the way to set place settings for a dinner party.

Decorating a space can be an intimidating task, especially when the space feels like a vast, white, blank canvas that you’ve got to fill quickly. A white painted room is a great starting point for decorating and can offer considerable potential in terms of creating a balanced, sophisticated, and calm living space. The use of neutral tones is far from boring, they honour the freedom to experiment with splashes of colour later down the line, when you have more of a relationship with your home. Introduce your essential furniture pieces first in a selection of carefully chosen colours and resist the urge to cover your walls in desperately vibrant paint and wallpaper. 

Bringing calmness and serenity into a space is easily achievable with the use of plants. Cascading plants can be very alluring and soften the lines of angular furniture. The use of trailing stems on the Camerich Max bookcase elongates the height of the piece and creates a softness with the subtle green tones of the leaves. The Camerich Bell Mirror is a very elegant piece with its slender profile and slim steel frame. This mirror is designed to rest up against the wall and certainly lends itself to a minimalist scheme. Balancing a plant near the mirror will emphasise the greenery in reflection.


Large plants certainly make a statement in a room. Rather than having lots of little plants, you could go for a statement piece like we’ve done here in our Tottenham Court Road showroom. This plant spiders out across the Camerich Verge dining table, bringing a striking combination of texture and pattern across the Carrara marble surface. The first step to adding plants into the design of your room is to analyse the space and identify what the strongest and weakest part of the room is. 


Written by Annabel Collins.