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Winter Wishlist

With Christmas now fast approaching it is the season for giving. Be it a present for your loved one or a treat for yourself, we have put together some of our top picks for you this festive season to help you on your way to finding the perfect piece.

(P)Ease on Earth

Definitely at the top of our Wishlist this year. While Peace may be a difficult thing to buy as a gift, you couldn’t come much closer with our Ease chair. Picture yourself nested in the chair with a good book, toes warming by the fire and a cup of mulled wine in hand, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more peaceful place anywhere.

Drummers drumming

Maybe you might not need twelve of these, however to each their own! The drum units are not only a functional side table for your cup of cocoa, they come as a cute pair and create a really eye-catching arrangement. The short Drum has the added bonus of some storage for your festive snacks to be within arm’s reach.

A warm Embrace

To end the list off nicely what could be nicer than a stylish lounge chair designed to feel like your own personal hug, the ideal way to round off an evening.





Every person wants joy for Christmas, this aptly named little table will give you just that. A pint-sized side table, this piece can find a place in all rooms and will certainly bring you some festive cheer. Available in Carrara or Green Imperial marble this table is just dying to have a selection of festive treats arranged on top!

Wise Kings

Of course, the idea of Christmas is to get a well-deserved break and spend time with loved ones! However for those who will also need to include some work time over the festive period the King desk may be your perfect option.


Add some festive charm with our brand-new range, whoever said a functional mirror can’t also provide some handy storage for your coins and keys?  The wooden tray creates the visual illusion as the semicircle is mirrored in the reflection, utterly charming.





Written By Imogen Abbot