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  • Finest Materials

    Furniture quality is extremely important to us at Camerich London, which is why we only ever use the finest materials in the production of our designer furniture and sofas.


  • Unrivalled Level Of Comfort

    For designer furniture to achieve the ultimate in softness and luxury, down feathers provide a truly unrivalled level of comfort.

  • Fabrics & Leathers

    Camerich fabrics and leathers are curated by our Interior Design team to perfectly complement a modern furniture aesthetic.

    Fabrics & Leathers

  • High Quality Frames

    An expertly crafted, superior standard wood frame truly defines high quality modern designer furniture.

  • High Quality Steel

    A heavy duty cold-rolled stainless steel frame supports many of our modern sofas, designer lounge chairs and contemporary furniture.

  • Contemporary Furniture

    A high density foam core underpins the structure of all our modern sofa and designer lounge chair seat cushions, this is the optimum way to build a comfortable contemporary sofa that will last the test of time.

Camerich Quality

Beautifully Designed

Our aim at Camerich is to bring you a collection of contemporary furniture that embodies an unrivalled modern aesthetic, master craftsmanship, top quality materials and surprisingly affordable prices. Browse through our extensive collection to uncover a huge range of our modular modern sofas, functional sofa beds, exquisite dining options, sumptuous beds, striking storage and so much more. All of our furniture is designed to be versatile and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, transforming your space into something beautiful yet usable.

Camerich Quality

Our superior materials and workmanship are sourced from the best the world has to offer. Our cold rolled stainless steels are engineered in Germany with anti-corrosion technology. Our exquisite, soft and durable leather and hides are sourced from Texas USA. Our timelessly beautiful marble sourced from Carrara, Italy. Our modern furniture pieces are designed and crafted in China, using high-class birch and naturally striking ash, all of which are FSC certified to ensure they are both environmentally and sustainably sourced. Our fabrics are luxurious and environmentally friendly yet rigorously tested to ensure lasting quality and comfort. We understand the quality our customers expect and tirelessly work to exceed these expectations.

Not only this, we also hold a vast variety of stock - everything from sofas and beds to storage which are available for immediate delivery from our UK warehouse; however should you wish to spend a little more time and carefully specify your finishes and details we too can bespoke order these for you.

We also offer our customers many additional extras for you to consider; a fifteen year guarantee on all upholstered items, the option of a loan sofa whilst you wait for yours to be created, extensive product knowledge from interiors trained individuals who can provide you with 3D drawings of your space. We consider every detail to make your experience with Camerich something to remember. To find out more and to experience the quality of Camerich for yourself, please visit one of our London showrooms - or call us on 020 7372 9887, where a member of our dedicated team will be happy to talk you through the options we have to offer

Camerich Quality


We believe for our designer furniture to achieve the ultimate offerings in softness and luxury, we must use the highest quality of down and feathers to provide a truly unrivalled level of comfort for our customers. Camerich modern sofas are generously filled with premium combination of feather and down, providing a feeling of indulgent comfort that's immediately apparent on sitting in any one of our luxurious contemporary sofas. Down is the finest feather filling available, and we carefully select optimum down feather produce, which is controlled to within 2-4cm in length, washed at a high temperature and bacteria treated. Camerich also pride itself on certifying our feather and down as sourced cruelty-free, another area which is very important to us as a company to maintain.

Camerich Quality Fabrics

Camerich Quality

Fabric & Leathers


Fabric choice can completely transform the appearance and feel of your chosen furniture, allowing you to customise a product to your own individual style. To allow our fabric range to encompass the ultimate choice of colour, texture and quality, have sourced for you the finest fabrics, produced at the most prestigious mills. Offering a wide range of over 90 stunning fabrics, inspired by the latest modern design trends, Camerich upholstery is rich in colour and in texture and most importantly quality. Our fabrics have undergone extensive testing and quality control procedures to ensure that only the best, most durable fabrics are chosen for the collection. Whether you prefer plush velvet, a modern flat weave or a classic linen mix, you can be sure that we can offer you a fabric to suit your tastes, and if not we also offer you the opportunity to source your own upholstery fabric which we can have upholstered bespoke to our frames for you by our factory; truly allowing you the chance to create something unique to you.

Camerich Quality Fabrics
Camerich Quality Leathers


Supple and velvet soft, our genuine premium leather is sourced in Texas - globally renowned for its quality leather production. Our rigorous quality control ensures the finest selection of leather is chosen for production carefully considering such factors as natural flaw content, tensile strength and colour. The leathers within our collection are semi-aniline dyed ensuring that the natural texture of the hide is retained, resulting in soft, beautifully conditioned leather. More than this we offer optimum light fastness and scratch resistance, making leather the ideal choice for use on any of our modern designer sofas or lounge chairs. Furthermore, we also offer a range of microfiber / eco-leather, high end synthetic leathers which can be chosen on many of our products, including coffee tables etc.

Camerich Quality


We believe an expertly crafted, superior standard wood frame truly defines high quality designer furniture. It is for this reason we only use frame materials that we can trust to be of the most exquisite quality. Using either solid hardwood Birch or Ash to construct our wooden furniture frames ensures a level of longevity and interior strength only found in the most exclusive contemporary furniture.

Camerich Quality Fabrics

Our solid woods are treated through a range of rigorous processes to ensure they provide optimum strength and endurance. Birch wood is primarily used for substantial strength of inner framework, whilst beautiful Ash, offers its notable qualities of high tenacity, impact resistance and refined textures to form the final touches of exposed armrests or elegantly tapered feet. Our attractive woods are not only aesthetically beautiful; all woods used in the production of our furniture are strictly FSC certified to ensure they are environmentally sourced and sustainably viable. This ensures the highest levels of social responsibility are considered when producing our exquisite furniture.

Camerich Quality


A heavy duty cold-rolled stainless steel frame supports many of our modern sofas and designer lounge chairs. Not only visually pleasing but structurally sound; stainless steel is extremely popular material choice in quality contemporary designer furniture. Many of our sofa legs are die-cast in zinc alloy to give a sleek, pristine finish, which is also durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Whether chrome, rose gold or titanium coated, Camerich metals are an elegant addition to our modern furniture and to your own interior.

Camerich Quality

Camerich Quality


Camerich chooses to use a high density polyurethane foam core to underpin the structure of our modern sofa and lounge chair seat cushions. Years of technical experimentation has led us to evolve our products and understand that this ultimate foam choice, which is then either wrapped or topped with our premium feather down, provides a luxury filling combination unparalleled by others. In our expert opinion this is the optimum way to create a comfortable contemporary sofa that will not only last the test of time but provide resilience, longevity and ultimate comfort to our customers.

Camerich Quality Fabrics